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13 Lessons We’ve Learned from 15 years of Terrorist Attacks

Terrorist Attacks are not a new concept in the world, however, we’ve certainly seen an increase in attacks over the last few years, and they seem to be affecting more people in highly densely populated areas, killing and injuring more and more people.

In an attempt to reduce these tragedies and offer some help while people are out and about during their daily lives, we’ve researched these events and put a list together of things you should be aware of in case of a terrorist attack. Hopefully this will help save your life and the lives of people around you. It will definitely give you pause to think about this deadly topic.


13 Lessons Learned:

Lesson #1

Terrorist attacks are overwhelmingly committed by Muslims with the belief that their religion gives them the right to kill people who do not believe what they believe, and that God will reward them for their actions. The points is that you now know who commits these acts, the perpetrators are now identified, and that these people fully believe that they are justified and that God is on their side, telling them to commit these acts and will reward them in heaven, so it gives them an extremely high level of commitment to killing as many innocent people as possible. So pay attention, know who your enemies and your potential enemies are. Regardless of how liberal you are or how much you want to be fair and include everyone, it’s Muslims that commit acts of terrorism.


Lesson #2

This may be obvious to many, but it’s extremely important to remember that these attacks are random and can occur any time, any where. The point is that you have to be vigilant and pay attention to your surroundings all the time.

Those who realized what was happening and accepted the situation for what it was and acted quickly, not only saved their own lives, but were able to help others survive. You have to get your head around what’s happening really fast and act decisively…quickly. Don’t sit there in shock thinking that it’s not happening.


Lesson #3

The terrorists are willing to give their lives to kill as many people as possible. They are extremely committed, and you have to show that same commitment to live, to survive.

Lesson #4

Help doesn’t always come right away. You’re on your own during an attack for at least enough time for the attacker to accomplish his goal, so you have to defend yourself and your loved ones for up to 20 minutes, and maybe longer. Here is the important part of this, one minute seems like a lifetime. So 20 or 30 minutes may seem like a short amount of time right now, but during something like this, it feels like time has stopped. The point is that you have to stay on your toes, keep a cool head and defend your self, and if you can, take out the bad guy or het potential victims out of harms way.

Lesson #5

You don’t know who will be a hero or the coward. You might think that the big strong guy will be the one to step up and save everyone, but often times he’s the guy under the table, and the unmemorable, skinny guy you never even noticed turns out to be the person who helps everyone and deals directly with the situation or the attacker.

Lesson #6

The goal of a terrorist is not only to kill but to install fear in people and in governments. So the idea of combating a terrorist attack is to show as little fear as possible, which also means accepting the situation for what it is, as I mentioned before, get your head around it, and quickly, then respond to the attack. Even after the attack there are a lot of confused and scared people, don’t be one of them. Get your act together and start helping people. You can fall apart later, but in the moment, start helping people or if possible combat or stop the terrorist by what ever means possible.

Lesson #7

Due to the increasing numbers of terrorist attacks most cities now have information on their local emergency management website detailing what you should do during and after a terrorist attack, it’s now become that common. So be sure to check out your local government’s advice and even evacuation and emergency locations.
Also, you can contact your local police department or your city’s emergency management agency or department for preparedness information, kit building, recommended supply list or visit the Department of Homeland Security by visiting: www.dhs.gov.

Lesson #8

Terrorists typically try or plan to exploit vulnerabilities such as crowded locations where their effect will be heightened due to confusion and/or that panicked people in a crowd tend to cause more damage and insight more fear. Fear is contagious. So learn your city’s vulnerabilities, large events with big crowds, they are potential targets. What are your city’s risks and/or soft targets? You should also learn or remember exit points if you’re attending any of these events. Talk to your friends or family about what to do in case of an event like this. Have a plan.

Lesson #9

The more terrorists attack Europeans and Americans and the more Europeans and Americans fight back, either through direct conflict or through voting and legislation against Muslims or Islam. In doing this the terrorists get to prove to their fellow believers and new recruits that they are the ones under attack from the intolerant and racists West and they have no choice but to fight and escalate their attacks, and to recruit new members. They prove to the new recruits and to each other that the West are all raciest and against Islam.

In a recent talk at the Council of Foreign Relations, given by Gilles Kepel, a professor at the Paris Institute of Political Studies, and the author of a book that is new for English speakers, “Terror in France: The Rise of Jihad in the West.” Kepel said, “So—and the jihadists’ goal, which was made very explicit in their writings which I—many of them I’ve translated in that book—was that the more attacks, the more retaliation they hoped from the global society, that would—people would go and desecrate mosques, have pogroms against Muslims, vote en masse for the extreme right. So that would be expedient for jihadists so that they would tell their coreligionists, you see, there’s no possibility for integration in Europe and French society. The French are all racists or xenophobes, or what have you. So you have to join under our banner, under the prophet’s banner, as they say.”

You can read the whole talk here:

Lesson #10

Liberals are wrong about Islam. I understand liberals want to include everyone and make the world a livable and fair place for everyone, and I actually appreciate that, but not everyone wants the same thing.  Most people or cultures around the world are violent, they don’t understand the West’s idea of peace, living together or culture integration, freedom, capitalism, free speech etc. They seek to control, we seek to liberate. The two philosophies are strikingly different.

I think we all understand and agree that not all Muslims are violent or are terrorist, however, the number of Muslims that are is staggering, enough to worry any nation. One person trying to kill you is a problem, but hundreds of thousands of people that hate you and your way of life and are actively trying to destroy your country, political system and replace it with violent, medieval religious doctrine is a serious problem, one that should concern you.

And if you’re going to say something like it’s not true and that I have Islamophobia, let’s examine the issue further and examine exactly what a phobia is. It’s an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. So let’s look at how irrational and unreasonable this fear is. According to the latest statics there are over a billion Muslims in the world. To give you a comparison, the entire U.S. population is just over 300 million. So let’s just say a billion for the sake of easy math. The latest statics also say that only about 15 to 20 percent of Muslims are extremist and an actual threat. So that would mean there are roughly 150,000,000 to 200,000,000 people out there in the world right now that hate the U.S. and Europe and our society with the utmost intensity and their goal is to kill you and destroy your way of life and to force their way of life and way of thinking upon you.

These are the people that are against the Western world and our Western way of life, and they want to destroy it. Now I want you to also keep in mind that this is not something I’m guessing at, this is not something I’m assuming and I’m not exaggerating. When I say they want to destroy our culture, this is not something that they are hiding. They openly admit that they hate our way of life and they intend on taking over our culture, our countries and destroy the world we’ve built. This is proclaimed on during their gatherings, protests, riots and even on one on one interviews, you can see it on Youtube videos all the time by Muslims, in rallies and on TV news interviews of Muslim leaders and followers. I don’t understand why our Governments doesn’t take the threat more seriously. They are in open war against us and we’re pretending like it’s small isolated incidents.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think being afraid of two hundred million people who want to kill me is a phobia, an irrational or unrealistic fear, I think it’s a real threat and a completely justified and rational fear. If only one person hates you and is trying to kill you, it makes sense to fear them and protect your self against them, it’s a rational thought process. But now we’re talking about roughly two hundred million people that hate you and are actively trying to kill you. I think it makes a lot of sense to protect yourself and our countries from them. It’s unreasonable to not protect ourselves from them. Wars have been fought and won with a lot less than a hundred and fifty million people.

Lesson #11

Unlike modern militaries around the world, terrorists target civilians and not military targets. Which means that you and I are a target any time we’re out in public or at work.

Lesson #12

The hard lesson of roughly the last 15 years is that there is no preventing these attacks anytime soon. For some reason the first world countries of the world are only reacting to terrorist attacks and not taking measures to stop terrorism, they’re only focusing on preventing individual attacks. They’re doing nothing to reduce the Muslim populations of our countries, in fact, they’re letting more in. Who would have thought that the liberal mindset would set us up to actually be destroyed by a bunch of third world tribesmen?

Lesson #13

The Recap

What is the takeaway? Well, we know who commits these crimes against humanity that kill innocent and random people. We know who they target, and we know why. We know it can happen anywhere at any time, and we know that when it happens that you’ll more than likely be on your own for a period of time. We know our governments are still welcoming potential terrorists into our countries, our neighborhoods, our communities and pretending that the threat is much smaller than it is, and that Muslims are not to blame. Basically they’re avoiding the issue, putting residents at further and greater risk. We know that Muslims openly state that they want to take over our communities, our cultures and our countries, they are not subtle about it, they openly proclaim it and our governments do nothing.

Concluding Advice:

It sounds like we’re on our own to a large extent. So the advice is to be aware of your surroundings, be vigilant, stay alert, accept the situation when it happens and when it’s happening and act to save your life and the lives of others. Understand you might actually come face to face with a terrorist attack and you might be called upon to act to save the lives of your countrymen, of women and of children. As residents of the modern, First World, I am asking you to do what is necessary to help others, to save lives, to naturalize the threat, to make your community and your country a better and safer place.

A Request:

One last thing. I would also encourage everyone to write or speak with their local representatives about this real and growing threat to the First World. Ask them to stop immigration until the risk is under control, ask them to properly vet people seeking asylum. And ask them to implement realistic legislation that protects local residents, not immigrants and/or terrorists. Ask them to stop supporting the world’s poor and start working on the problems in our own backyards, as we are not the world’s welfare system. Ask them what their goals are for your area and your country.

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