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Climate Change, the Unreasonable Argument

Do you know much about climate change? Me neither. But I do know a few things. For instance, when I was a kid in the 70’s I used to walk to school with 2 to 3 feet of snow on the ground, and I don’t remember massive storms wiping out entire cities like we’ve seen over the last few years.

Now, in the same place I grew up, there’s somewhere between no snow on the ground to maybe a light coating, maybe an inch or two. And just about every year now, U.S. coastal cities are being flooded, complete cities under water due to hurricanes. So in my lifetime, the climate has changed, and I don’t need a political poll to confirm it, it’s what I’ve experienced first hand.

I did not become a geologist, but I did take a couple geology classes in college just because it’s a topic I was interested in, and one thing I remember learning is that roughly every 700,000 to 750,000 years, the earth goes through changes, natural but big changes.

I think we’ve all noticed the level of pollution around the world too. Some countries look like land fills, with garbage and plastic as far as the eye can see, with kids scattered and playing among the refuse. In other places the smog and pollution from factories and power plants is so thick it looks like another world, like something out of a Sci Fi movie.

So, the question for me is not whether climate change is real or not, but rather, how much of it is a natural occurring event, and how much of it have we contributed? If it’s natural, have we made it worse, quickened the pace perhaps? Would this happen regardless if we humans were here or not, and if so, is our poor waste management and apathy speeding it along?

Either way, regardless of what the politicians say our planet is changing, and it’s having some serious effects for coastal cities, 2nd and 3rd world countries and wildlife, and it looks like we’re next.

What can be done seems to be the natural question.

At the moment with the political question of whether it even exists or not, and with massive oil and manufacturing companies running our economy and controlling the narrative, it’s almost a moot point or question. In order to start working on a solution, there needs to at least be an agreement that there’s a problem in the first place.

Real change only happens when there’s a real, profitable and practical alternative. And currently, there’s no alternative to plastic and there’s no alternative to oil and petroleum.

Although that’s an arguable point as countries such as Sweden has had some success with solar and wind.

And by the way, to illustrate my point about oil and petroleum, just about everything you own was made from petroleum or its byproduct.

When you hear people say that oil and petroleum are the foundation of our economy, they mean that just about everything is made from it, from the paint you use to paint your house, to the plastics in your TV, to the soles of your shoes, I mean everything.

It’s scary how much we’ve developed using oil and petroleum and how much we’ve come to depend on it.

So before we all march and protest our local politicians, remember, we need to develop alternative means of energy, manufacturing, propulsion for our cars and airplanes and alternatives to plastics etc.

Nothing will change until that happens. And in the meantime, we’ll have to watch the planet change and listen to everyone argue whether it’s actually happening or not.

Now the conspiracy theories say that there are already these alternatives invented, but that the big companies either buy the patent and bury them or somehow or otherwise get rid of the technology.

I can only call it a conspiracy theory because I have no first hand knowledge of it either way, I’ve only heard about it in movies and from people claiming to come out and speak publicly.

I suppose that if I was making billions of dollars and controlled the world’s political power and the world’s energy, I might want to bury the competition too.

However, they’re doing it at the expense of the planet, destroying our future.

And as a side note, I hope no one out there is equating this to capitalism. This is not capitalism in any form, this, if it’s true, is corruption at its worst, corruption on a global scale.

So what needs to be done, and what can be done?

Alternative means of manufacturing, propulsion, plastic and energy production need to be invented and discovered.

The most effective thing we can all do is demand that our politicians push for these alternatives, fine and penalize the use of fossil fuels and create laws to use alternative forms of power, those that work anyway.

Because we cannot demand change without having viable alternatives. Period!

I recommend circulating petitions and giving them to your local politicians, calling and writing them and creating a movement of sorts.

We also need to support inventors who are working on these types of solutions.

And by the way, small things we can do at home do make a difference. So be sure to buy and install energy saving light bulbs and save water etc.

I know this is not the solution you may have been hoping for, but if we all start moving in the same direction we can come up with solutions.

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