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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Quick Home Survival Supply Tips

How to make your own hand sanitizer, Face Masks and alternatives to toilet paper

Quick Tip #1:

How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer
Since there has been a run on local stores, including places like Walmart and Target, there is now a shortage on many products, mostly hand sanitizers, cleaning products and face masks. However, there are alternatives to these common products.

Here’s how to make your own Hand Sanitizer. And it’s supper simple.
You need
2/3 cup 99% rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol
1/3 cup 100% pure aloe vera gel
Optional: 8 to10 drops of essential oil for smell. Use any fragrance you want.

Mix well, place in a small squeeze or spray bottle and presto, your own hand sanitizer.

Alternatives to other Coronavirus products:

Quick Tip #2:
Face Masks:

Have you seen the surgical masks that everyone has bought up? Some are made of simple cloth. If you know how to sew, making protective face masks for you and your family should be a breeze. I would buy a durable material with some filter properties, also buy some elastic string.

Cut out small rectangles, measure to fit your face, from just under your chin, to just over your nose. You’re also going to want a pleat in the middle of the mask. So make sure that after you measure your face, give it an extra inch, as you’ll use that as the pleat in the middle of the mask.

Fold the edges and sew, as if you were making a hand towel or rag. But in the middle, fold a pleat in the middle about an inch, so it will open a bit when you put it on.

Cut two pieces about 6-7 inches of the elastic string, lay it on the left and right edges of the cloth, fold the cloth over the string, about .25 inch or less, and sew the edges of the cloth with the string inside, and sew another line on the inner side of the string to keep it in place.
Now tie the string to form a circle, which will go around your ears.

And there ya go, a homemade face mask. And remember, find the best cloth by asking the fabric store what is best as a filter.

You can even get creative and use two or more colored material to give it a stylish flair.

Now this is a very basic design, however, you can see how simple it is to make your own face mask.

If you need something more visual, just google the term, “Face Mask Pattern” and you can download or print a pattern to follow.
If you want something a little more complicated, just download any pattern you want and follow it.

Quick Tip #3:

Here are Some Alternatives to Toilet Paper

Mullein because it’s absorbent, soft, thick and durable.
Lamb’s Ear is silky soft, durable and luxurious and easy on your bottom.
Mallow is durable, soft and pliable.

Remember, no matter what type of cloth you choose to use, it can be either reusable or disposable. If you use smaller pieces of thin cloth, and you don’t use too much during one cleaning, I’m sure you can simply flush the cloth down the toilet. But if we’re really pinched over this COVID-19 bug and we’re affected for a longer period of time, then you might want to consider reusing your toilet paper alternative. Once you get past the yuck factor, just use and wash, and it’s ready for reuse.

If you plan to reuse your cloth toilet paper, I would recommend dropping your used cloth into a bucket of water so it’s ready for a rewash in a washing machine or by hand. But dropping it in water keeps the smell down and makes the cloth easier to wash.

Various materials can be used, such as simple cloth, like wash cloths, terry cloth or cloth diapers can be used as toilet paper alternatives. You can even cut up old, soft t-shirts into squares or the size of your choosing.

Remember the old fashioned cloth diapers? Why not simply use reusable cloth diapers or nappies as they’re also called, it’s what they were actually made for. Just cut them to the size you want, and presto, Toilet Paper Alternative.

You can use either drill cotton or terry towelling (aka Terrycloth)
Cotton drill is a highly durable pure cotton fabric with a strong twill weave that offers a diagonal strand appearance and an interesting texture. The fabric comes in vibrant colours and various patterns, which gain their strength and durability because of the presence of twill weaves

Terry Towelling (aka Terrycloth)
Terrycloth, terry cloth, terry cotton, terry towelling, terry, terry towel or simply towelling is a fabric woven with many protruding loops of thread, which can absorb large amounts of water. It can be manufactured by weaving or knitting.

So now, other than stocking up on water, food and supplies (which you can buy on this website) you now have alternatives to the most common bought products to protect yourself from the deadly COVID-19 virus, and alternatives to toilet paper, which is starting to sell out everywhere.

If you have another tips and suggestions about simple DIY survival items, please drop us a comment.

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