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How to Survive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Right now, hoarding means stockpiling huge supplies of toilet paper, face masks and perhaps drugs or other nationally needed products in a warehouse somewhere. You will not get in trouble if you have a closet full of toilet paper, cans of soup and extra water.

Normally, every city’s Emergency Management department and Emergency Management coordinator will tell their residents to have 3 days of supplies in case of an emergency. That advice has changed recently to about one to four weeks worth of supplies. We’ve learned that by going through floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and tornadoes etc. over just the last few years.

First responders and rescue workers simply cannot get to you in less than 3 days, and usually it takes much longer. So to not have extra supplies simply does not make sense, and you’re literally not following the directions and advice of Emergency Management personnel in just about every U.S. city.

So keep in mind, this is not just the advice of a bunch of crazy preppers, this is the official advice of your city’s Emergency Management workers and personnel.

You really need to prepare now, and it’s not too late. However, it may be soon if these lock down orders continue much longer.

When you go to the grocery store, buy extra cans of tuna fish, soup and/or whatever other food that you like that will store for long periods of time. Even if you only buy two or three cans extra, do it, buy them.

All the supplies you cannot find in your local grocery store, you can still find online. Delivery times are now a bit longer, but you can find them and get them delivered to your home.  You can even check the Shop section of this website to buy extra food and water supplies.

Don’t’ think that you are taking away food and supplies from someone else if you stock pile a bit. When there’s no more food, it will come down to you and your family eating and surviving or the next guy’s family. Who will live and who will die. This is not dramatic, it’s a reality, make no mistake about it.

And don’t’ say, “that won’t happen.”  I actually can’t believe people are still saying that, after 9/11, financial crashes, real estate market collapse, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, entire U.S. cities under water, an attack on U.S. soil, people loosing millions and their live savings during a financial collapse, and people are still saying, “that won’t happen.” We’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, thousands of people are dying, city streets are vacant, New York Times Square is empty, and people are still saying, “that won’t happen.”

I am here to tell you that yes, not only can that happen, it is now likely that it will happen. We’re only steps away from it now.

You have been told time and time again by survivalists and websites like this, and by city officials and Emergency Management officials to prepare for the worst.  So by now, if you don’t see the signs right in front of you, and you don’t heed the advice of just about everyone, the harsh results will be your fault.

You need to get your head around that now, before it actually is too late.

So who will eat, you and your kids, or the neighbor’s kids? Who will live and who will die? It’s up to you.

So buy extra food, water and supplies and stick them under your bed and in your closet. You are not breaking any laws, you are not taking anything away form anyone else. And I promise you, once this thing does turn bad, the government will not help you. You and your family are on your own.

And you should get ready for it now.

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