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Message to All White Men from a White Man

We have an amazing history filled with accomplishments. We’ve pulled ourselves and our societies out of the dark ages, and we’ve built great nations, we’ve fought, died and bleed for what we believe in and what we have. We have invented and created the entire first world with all its wonders and technology. And we’ve shared the fruits of our labors and accomplishments, our technology and our victories with those who could not accomplish these things on their own. We’ve always tried to give the best to everyone. We have a history to be proud of.

Did we do these things for ourselves? Yes, of course, without a doubt, because we could, and because it’s in our nature to achieve and to always try harder, it’s who we are. But we also wanted to improve the lives and conditions of others. No other race, man or woman can say that, nor do they have our track record of accomplishments.

Human & Equal Rights:

Admittedly we might have been a little slow to adopt new human rights policies and reform equal rights for just about everyone on the planet, but we hold the record for the best human rights compared to any other race. I would easily and happily compare our sense of morality and record of human rights to any other race of men on the planet.

We have fed the world, we have helped the poor, we have given opportunity to those who would never have had it (even if they don’t understand it or take advantage of it), we shed light onto the world through science, philosophy and art, politics and accomplishments and sheer human achievement.

Under Scrutiny:

We are under scrutiny right now, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It gives us a moment of pause, to reflect on and take measure of what we have done, our achievements and accomplishments. It’s a good time to think about where we need to improve as well, as is also in our nature.

My view is different than the current public narrative. I think that in terms of fairness, equality, human rights, progress, achievements, success (personal and societal), white men are second to none. Women nor minorities have even come close to what we’ve accomplished, and for the length of time we’ve done it for. Where I think we need to improve is not what others might think.

We may be taking an enormous amount of criticism and blame at the moment, but it’s akin to children being upset at their parents. It’s something that as leaders we need to endure. Don’t buy into the condemnation and don’t take it personal, they’re not right, they never were. We have been fair and humane , and for those times that we haven’t, we’re human, and we make mistakes. However, I don’t know any other culture or race of men who try to correct their mistakes and learn from them like we do.

So don’t despair, you’re not alone and you’re doing a great job, and you have done great. No one has done as much as you, consistently, all throughout history.

Our Place in History:

Remember your place in the world and your place in history, never let anyone try to take it away from you. Keep your head up and solider on.

Remember that we never asked anyone for help, we never asked anyone to give us power or a seat at the table, we’re the ones who built the table, we’re the ones who created the system, we’re the ones to created the power in the first place, simply by creating and building. Did we war, yes, as did everyone on the planet. We are simply the ones who won. And never apologize for winning, to anyone, ever. Especially don’t apologize for wining to those who lost, it’s degrading to both parties.

Also remember that it’s others who are asking and demanding a seat at our table, they’re coming to us, not the other way around. Others ask, beg and demand what we’ve built. What do we do? Just continue to build and create. They don’t realize that we’re the hand that feeds them, although soon they might. We can rebuild, they cannot.

What’s Next and Where do we go from Here:

Where do we go from here? What do we need to do better? Where can we improve?
Keep being fair, keep producing, keep working, keep focusing on our moral compass.

There are a couple things I think we MUST do. First and foremost is to not loose sight of ourselves. Never give up everything just because people are shouting, yelling or demanding. We can be fair and share without loosing ourselves in the process. So be fair to ourselves first. Remember, we built it, they did not.

A real leader, a real parent, a real adult never, or rarely, has to bring attention to his accomplishments, however, perhaps this is one of those times that we do need to remind ourselves and others what we’ve done and who we are. However, this is more for you to remember, not to wave around as a flag of victory.

What we MUST do is maintain our standing in the community we’ve built. We’re good at sharing, but let’s not give away the ranch. Not without a fight anyway, which we’ve historically been pretty good at too.

Something that we didn’t see coming is how ungrateful those who we’re sharing with are. I didn’t think those who we’re feeding would try to bite our hand so aggressively. So from this point on we need to build in protections into our system. Protections for us, our race, our societies and everything we create. We can still share of course, but now with conditions and limitations. Remind people that this is us sharing with them, not the other way around.

The bottom line is we need to get better at protecting ourselves.

So two things; don’t loose sight of ourselves, and protect ourselves and what belongs to us.

How We Can and SHOULD Improve:

Furthermore, we also need to pick up the ball a bit more on accomplishments. We’ve become beer drinking sports fans, and we need to participate more in science, community service, business and politics. There is a shrinking numbers of white male Phd candidates. We need to improve. There is a shrinking number of white men starting businesses, we need to improve. There is a shrinking numbers of good fathers. We need to improve. Reasonable and hard working politicians who have the community’s best interest at heart are almost completely gone. We need to do better.

Study, work hard, improve your situation and your standing in society. Become fathers, mentors and leaders again. Don’t let our young lost children flounder, pick them up, mentor them and give them direction and purpose. Don’t be petty and small, we don’t have time for that any longer. We need to be strong men and leave our weaknesses behind.

The last few years, we’ve become lazy. We’ve enjoyed the fruits of our labors a bit too much, and we’ve given our potential enemies time to gather, organize and attack, from all directions, even from within.

Once this uprising is over, we need to refocus, raise our standards and keep them as high as possible. Let me remind all you white men about something our fathers and forefathers knew; success is not easy, life is difficult, no one hands you anything, you have to build, try, work, endure, try harder and work harder than the next guy. It’s how we’ve build nations. Bleed if you must, sweat if you have to, roll up your sleeves and get dirty, endure the pain, die if you must. We have the ability to endure what others have not.


We are self-made men, others are imitators and followers.

You are standing on the shoulders of great men. Don’t let them down. Become men once again. Become the builders of great nations once again.

People are counting on you.

Never give up. Keep pushing forward.

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