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Possible Reasons for a Collapse

Here are Some Possible Reasons for Civil Unrest, Civil War, Mass Riots or Even a Complete Government Collapse

Well, there are reasons o’ plenty for a possible government collapse or some kind of wide scale Civil Unrest to occur. As the title suggests, there are several circumstances that could take place involving our citizenry loosing civility and turning on each other and on our government or even the other way around, where our government turns on its people.  The government doesn’t actually have to turn on us for a collapse to occur, they just have to stop working or not help us, and everything would come to a screeching halt.

How much we depend on the government never enters our mind, until they’re not there.

The French Revolution Re-Imagined

For some reason, the poor still think they’re poor because the rich are rich. That they are poor because somehow, some rich person stole an opportunity that the poor person would have had if it had not been for that damn rich person. I am poor because you are rich, and you must have taken something from me. Even though that hasn’t been the case for about 200 years.

It used to be the case prior to the last 200 years. Before the United States was created, if you were born poor, you died poor, there was no climbing the corporate ladder. And likewise, if you were born rich, you died rich. It wasn’t until the rich started mismanaging their estates and had to sell off huge chunks of their land that opportunity started to trickle down to the working stiffs.

Or it can also boil down to jealousy, and we all know anything can happen over jealousy. How many murders have been committed in the world over a lover’s jealousy? A lot I imagine. So let’s expand that into thousands of people’s miserable lives. You have that nice house, handsome kids, expensive cars, you shop at the best stores, and here I am worried about this month’s rent, driving a 1982 Chevy Nova. Ya, anything can and has happened over simple things like this.

People for some reason don’t realize that today’s rich people are rich simply because there is opportunity in the world now and they took advantage of it, and the poor have not even tried. It won’t matter to the angry poor person why they’re poor, they won’t and don’t accept any personal responsibility for where they are in life, it’s the government’s fault, it’s rich people’s fault, it’s my parent’s fault, it’s because of my environment, it’s anyone’s and everyone’s fault but mine! It doesn’t make any sense in today’s world, but it still exists.

So, can there be civil war, civil unrest, riots or even some kind of coup or aka coup d’état simply because there are members of our society who are poor, broke, hungry and resentful (towards who I’m not sure), bitter, and at some kind of self induced breaking point? The answer is a resounding yes! Of course it can happen. It’s happened before.

Don’t underestimate people’s anger and the power of resentment, even if undeserved. Most people are where they are because of their own decisions, or lack there of, but that’ won’t stop them from thinking it’s not their fault, it’s your fault, and they need to take what you have. Black Lives Matter have already proven this. Not too long ago they put out a list of demands on white people. They want rich white people to give their homes to black families. So this concept is not subtle, it’s public, violent, unjust, irrational, but it exists. So you have to be careful and pay attention.

The 99% folks went rioting in front of rich people’s houses and apartments demanding…well, I’m not sure what they hoped to get.  But it’s another example of poor people thinking that some random rich person owes them something. Even though the system is set up now for you to make money, 99% of people still think they’re somehow shorted, somehow robbed because there are rich people in the world, even though one guy worked for it, and the other guy didn’t.

Also don’t underestimate stupid people’s ability to screw things up. People today have it pretty easy, historically speaking. And there is actually opportunity for anyone who wants it, regardless of race, sex, religion or any other perceived handicap or limitation. The majority of what these people with perceived limitations suffer from is there own lack of will, imagination, ability or ambition.

But again, it’s not their fault, it’s yours, and you’re gonna pay for it. And if you’re not careful and your not prepared, you’ll pay for it with your life. And what a shame. Your life taken at the hands of a stupid, uneducated, misguided, unmotivated, unproductive, moron thug, a useless human being taking the life of a productive, active and engaged person, doesn’t seem right does it? Someone who doesn’t deserve to sit in the same room as you is now holding your life and your family’s life in there hands. It’s a Greek tragedy.

So that’s one massive and even likely way things could go south. By the hands of the stupid and angry, history is full of them.

Economic Collapse

Closely related to the first reason, and something we’ve seen in our recent past is some kind of wide spread economic hardship, economic downturn, depression or even an entire economic collapse. People without food, resources or a means to get them tend to become desperate and dangerous, and quickly. Hunger can cause a person to kill another person without a second thought, and without guilt. It just happens. It’s the way of nature. The hungry try to eat, period! And it doesn’t matter who they take the food from or who they have to hurt or kill to do it.

Not even going to the extreme of starvation, but just people in tent camps like we had during the dust bowl and the great depression of the 1930’s. People were extremely dangerous and people died senselessly. We’re constantly living on a razor’s edge when it comes to our economy, and the world economy actually. It could turn on a dime, and we’ve seen it happen too, in our lifetime. Remember the 2008 housing crisis? There are still entire neighborhoods empty, there are still people, adults with families, living with their parents. Don’t underestimate how quickly our world can change when the economy tanks.

In a situation such as an economic collapse, it’s tough to guess how long it would last. It all depends on how quickly our society can recover, if at all. And it all depends on people. Who and how many are willing and able to put the pieces back together or actually build a new system. So having a lot of extra supplies is something that will help you and your family go the distance during some kind of financial crisis or economic downturn.

I would also recommend saving and investing money. Also having some cash on hand, tucked away somewhere and having gold or other things of value you can trade will help. Remember back during the depression people went to the bank to withdraw their money, and the banks were closed. And they never got their money back. Horrible but true and it can and will happen. It even happened recently during the housing crisis. So plan and be prepared for some kind of economic downturn.

Terrorist Attacks

Terrorist attacks can come in any form, and they have. We can only speculate about this, but it has been talked about quite a lot by the experts. The likely targets will be our power grids, which could and will have devastating effects on our society. Depending on how bad it is, it would take a long time to get the grid back up. So in this case, one bad thing can create another or many others. After a month of no power, people will start turning on each other and the authorities will have an increasing hard time keeping the peace, if by that time they can do it at all.

This is the terrorist’s plan, to have our society turn on itself. And it will. So planning for an extended power lose is what we’re talking about here, and that includes self and home defense. This situation could easily snowball into a mass and wide spread civil unrest, claiming the lives of thousands in every city across the country. And before you think that the government is always going to be there to save you. You need to consider that already, in some neighborhoods in our country, today, in the United States, the police force is more concerned with their own safety and will not go into some neighborhoods. And this is even more common in a growing number of European cities.

So during some kind of huge civil unrest, the police will absolutely not help you, they will be concerned with their own safety and their families and will be no where to be found. It’s not that they’re bad people, it’s because they will not be able to help you and they know it. They could and more than like would get killed trying to save you. Remember, police are people too, they’re not superhuman that you can demand they give their lives for yours. Even if you think they should, it doesn’t matter, they won’t. You are at the mercy of the mob, whether you like it or not. End of Story!

Terrorist attacks can also come in other forms as we’ve unfortunately learned recently. Terrorist don’t need a bomb, they don’t need a gun, they just need the will to kill people. But we are talking about wide spread collapse of some kind, so this case would probably involve a bomb, several bombs, perhaps a frontal attacks, in many cities, by many people and will have devastating effects.

An attack like this would cause so much confusion that the government’s response would be to attack and neutralize the threat, leaving you and me to attend to ourselves for who knows how long. And we don’t know how long because we can only speculate about this. It’s not something we’ve seen. However, it’s something we’ve heard Muslims talk about and even threaten. So it simply has to be thought about among the possible situations that could cause us to go into survival mode, for any length of time.

Natural or Man Made Disasters

We’ve all seen mother nature’s destructive affects, either first hand or on the news. Either way this is in no way outside of the possibilities of knocking us off the grid, for any length of time. There are a couple huge disasters that have not happened in our life times, but are likely and are only a matter of time. The first one of concern is the Yellowstone Super Volcano. It is massive, like the historical Pompeii volcano and it will change the face of the Earth when it erupts. This is not an IF, it’s a WHEN. Geologists are at a loss about when it will happen, but they know it’s a ticking time bomb.

It this thing erupts it will claim the lives of millions of people on the first day, then millions of others shortly afterwords. There will be total world wide panic. This will send debris in the air changing our weather patterns and clouding the planet for a long period of time. Which will diminish our food supplies, and we don’t know for how long either. But it will be devastating when it happens.

So the best plan for something like this is to get ready to head south, meaning go-bags and portable supplies. And as much of them as you can carry. And if you already live in the south, you’ll need hunker down and have supplies to last you a long time. You might want to help people as the masses head south, but at some point you won’t be able to help anyone else, you’ll be out of supplies for your own family. So that’s a decision you’ll have to make when the time comes.

The other potential Huge threat is a comet or meteorite hitting the planet. This may not mean extinction, it could be small enough to not kill us all but big enough to have devastating effects on our planet and our societies. If it’s big enough to kill us all then we really don’t need to worry. We’ll just hold hands and go out together. No biggie. However, if it’s big, but not too big, then we’re really in trouble. This thing will send our societies back to the dark ages in a matter of seconds.

Something like this would send a cloud of debris into the air like the super volcano lasting long enough to ruin our food supplies, killing plants and wildlife. It will also immediately knock out our power and panic people to the point of riots, looting and mass civil unrest. The world will go into an instant state of panic and civil unrest. This will change things for a long time, and this will be hard to live through, but it is of course possible.

The other and similar situation is a huge solar flair. We got lucky back in, I think it was 2007, when there was a massive solar flair, but we were lucky enough to be on the other side of the sun when it happened, but scientists say that if the Earth had been in the path, it would have destroyed our planet. The Earth’s magnetic filed would not have been strong enough to save us. Something like this is similar to the threat of a comet or meteorite hitting the planet. If it’s big enough, it will kill us all, so we don’t need to worry about it, but if it’s big, but not too big, then we’re all in a world of hurt, and we’ll be in survival mode for any length of time.

And here’s an unknown, but a possibility. A magnetic polar shift. I remember from my geology classes that there is a magnetic shift roughly every 700,000 years, and there hasn’t been one for over 700,000 years, so it is possible that we experience another magnetic shift anytime now, in our lifetime. And what will happen? I don’t know, nor do scientists. It could be that the only changes is that the needles on our compass simply point south, and all the birds fly north. I hope so. But no one thinks that would be the case. The predictions are huge. Mass flooding, earth quakes, huge weather shifts, even another ice age. I’m going to hope for the former.

I don’t know if it’s even worth worrying about these types of events, because they’re so huge that surviving them is not even likely. However, I mention and talk about them here because we may very well live through them, then we’ll have to survive afterwords. So they’re at lease worth mentioning.

The other unknown is something similar to the movie “The Day After Tomorrow,” where the polar caps melt sending fresh water into the The North Atlantic Current, affecting the oceans and our planet’s weather and climate balance sending the Earth into another ice age. The science in the movie is highly questionable, but some scientist say that something like it is in fact possible. It’s all about balance, and there are a lot of changes happening in our dear planet Earth. So what will happen in the next few years, or tomorrow for that matter, is anyone’s guess. We don’t have enough time of recorded history to model these mass Earth changes. Only time will tell.

The other types of disasters are pretty much limited to regions. So even though they’re horrible, claiming lives, they’re not actually wide spread.


A war of course could definitely send us into survival mode. There is any number of looming problems and potential countries that we could go to war with. The major concern at the moment is North Korea. Talk about living on a razor’s edge…The saber rattling is increasing and could very well come to a head soon. I’m actually surprised nothing has happened yet. This level of posturing has to end with some kind of climax.

The scary thing for us Americans is war on our own territory. Other than Pearl Harbor in Hawaii during WWII and the terrorist attack of 9/11, we have not had any kind of attack or war on U.S. soil. So we have no idea or memory of what that’s like. We did have the Civil War, but that’s outside of our collective social memory. It’s not something we remember intimately or that we’re sensitive about.

The Europeans know this all too well. During WWI and II entire European cities were bombed, attacked and destroyed, killing millions. The United States WENT to war, in Europe, they were IN a War. It was on their front yard. We don’t know what that’s like, but we may in the coming years if we’re not careful. Europe is also experiencing more terrorist attacks then we are here in the U.S. but again, that may soon change.

The bottom line is there are several potential situations that could send us into instant survival mode, where you will be in a fight for your life, and the life of your family. So please take the advice I’ve given on this website, and that other people on similar websites give, and that actual governments give their residents, in every city. Prepare for disasters by having supplies, equipment and most importantly, have a plan that your whole family understands and practices. Ensure your own survival and plan ahead, it’s not if, it’s when a disaster will strike, and you have been warned, by pretty much everybody. Make preparations now while you have time. Because after it hits, it’s too late.

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