The Real Current State of Race Relations in the US

Does Violence make people like you, or respond to you with anger and fear?

Does violence help reduce racism or promote it?

There were protests and demonstrations in the 60’s and there’s demonstrations now, so what’s the difference? Well, it seems Martin Luther King knew how to do it, he knew how to make a point. He actually got people to start accepting black people and he made changes, admittedly progress was slow, but changes nonetheless.

Black lives matter on the other hand seem to be armed burglars, holding people hostage, robing people of their common sense, making threats, making good on those threats and committing horrible acts of violence.

There has always been a lot of black violence in the US and indeed in the world, but the level of black violence is now at epic proportions. We’ve seen the sheer amount of videos capturing black men beating white women in the street, killing cops, beating old white men and women than ever before, and we’ve seen a lot before. It’s as though they feel they suddenly have a license to kill. It’s now more out in the open.

You can defend the actions of black people by saying there’s systemic racism, there’s excessive police brutality against blacks etc, but the truth is that it’s just not true, which we’ll dive into shortly. The sad truth is that it’s just who black people are.

Look around the world. There’s not one country that is ran by only black people that is doing well. They’re all a violent mess, ran by warlords and dictators. Every place there are white people, the blacks eventually kick them out or kill them all, then the place falls into ruin shortly after. It’s a historical fact, look it up.

So I want to ask you something. If I am rude to you, intimidating, violent, and I rob from you every chance I get, do you think that will make you like me, or do you think it might make you actually hate me?

So if Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” point has come true, how do you think people are reacting to black people now? If MLK wanted his four little children (meaning all black men and women) to one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” how do you think black people are being judged now?

Their actions are unforgivable and reprehensible, beating women and old people, and of course average white people in the street, they are robbing and looting everything in sight, killing cops and residents. I have no idea how they expect to rid the planet of racism by acting in a way that promotes racism, that makes people not only not like them, but hate and loath them.

Maybe it’s ironic, but they’re protesting and rioting to get rid of racism, but they’re making people afraid of them and hate them, promoting racism. I have no idea what their point is, which brings me to my next point.

They don’t have a point. Rioting, looting and being violent is simply who they are. You could give them everything they want, and they would still be violent and intimidating. They’ve proved it time and time again.

And I know this because white society has given them everything they wanted. Companies, large and small are falling all over themselves trying to hire qualified black people, there are more special programs only for black people than any other race in the entire world, there are more white people supporting them and belittling themselves than at any other time in the history, and yet, after they’ve been handed just about everything they possibly could be given in a free country, they want more.

Now they want us to get rid of police. Any guesses why? I hope it’s obvious. However the point is that white society has bent over backwards to help black people, to give them what they want, to make them feel included, and blacks still don’t get it, they don’t understand what it means to be an American.

It’s not about life being fair, it’s not about society giving you everything you want, it’s not about getting special treatment, it’s not about asking rich people to pay your way, it’s not about being angry that people doing like you, it’s always been about the opportunity to earn your own way, without the government stopping you from advancing.

It’s always only been about opportunity. It may sound like a small thing now days, but you have to realize that all thought history, there’s never been opportunity. Just about every race that came to America was hated by another race. And what did they do about it? They simply fought to become successful and earned respect.

Only black people cry and protest that life isn’t fair and that racism isn’t fair. I guess they think their lives would be somehow better if we all liked them. They would automatically get batter grades in school if there were no racism, they would stop committing crimes if there were no racism, they would stop being violent if there were no racism. None of which makes any sense.

But again, it’s not meant to make sense, because they are so completely different than the European white person, that it’s night and day. You cannot have a logical conversation with a person who robs a bank, gets caught, goes to jail and blames the cop. How do you even begin to talk to that person? There’s no common ground.

I’ve heard black people say; “we shouldn’t be afraid every time we see a cop,” and that’s true, but everyone should’t be afraid every time they see a black person. So the cops treat them the way they act, with violence and aggression. You cannot be that violent, commit that much crime and say no racial profiling, don’t hate me because I’m black, it just doesn’t make sense, but they don’t understand that.

To illustrate my point further, let me list some of the special groups just for black people. Some of the special groups and privilege we’ve given them to make them happy and make them feel like they have some power. And there are more mind you, these are just the ones I found within 5 minutes of looking.

National Negro College Foundation, black news papers and publications, black after school programs, VA’s National African American Employment Program, African American Employment Program, NAACP, African American Planning Commission (AAPC), black history month, American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE), The Association of Black Psychologists, ColorComm, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME), National Association of African-American in Human Resources, National Association of Black Accountants, Inc., National Association of Black Journalists, National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), National Black Justice Commission, National Black MBA Association, National Black Nurses Association (NBNA), National Council of Negro Women, Inc. (NCNW), National Coalition of 100 Black Women (NCBW), United Negro College Fund (UNCF), U.S. Black Chambers, Inc, 100 Black Men of America, NAACP Image Awards, City College Black Employee Association, the Congressional Black Caucus, American Association for Affirmative Action, National Black Graduate Student Association, National Urban League, the Black Infant Health Program, black only colleges and the list goes on, there are more.

There’s now Diversity Best Practices, Diversity Management at companies, school districts have changed placement tests and how those tests are graded to make it easier for blacks, there are African American Programs and Services at schools, colleges and universities, African American Student Life Awards, and the list goes on.

So I need to ask, what inequality are blacks referring to? What more do they want? No one in this great nation has been given more opportunities for FREE than black people, and what have they done with it? Nothing, but they still want more. To use the vernacular, WTF?

Let’s also dispel the notion that black people built this country so they have a right to protest and act this way. They didn’t build anything, not one thing in this country has been built by black people, not even the rap industry. It’s usually white men who own the record label signing black artists.

I understand the argument, that because a lot of historical structures were built by black slaves, they say blacks built this country, well the premise isn’t true. Slaves were laborers, and laborers labor, and do not get credit for building anything, ever.

How many times have you driven by a building or house that you like and admire and said, “wow, those laborers sure unloaded those trucks well or those laborers sure stacked those bricks well?” Never!

It’s always, those architects knew what they were doing, those engineers sure overcame huge challenges, the financiers sure had vision; you never acknowledge the labors because they’re the smallest part of the project who have no mental energy in the game.

Labors do get credit for being a part of the team, that’s true, but they never get credit for the project, ever. So to say that black people built this country simply isn’t true.

White people were the architects, engineers, designers, the inventors, the financiers etc. they had the idea, they fought and died for it, they bleed for it.

And black people were not even here by choice to be a part of it, there were brought here against their will and were forced to labor. At least the Chinese came here by choice and helped build the railroads. They get a lot of credit for the construction of the railroads because they worked on it by choice, they were in search of a better life and contributed. Blacks did not. Blacks picked up bricks and stacked them when told to do so. The boss says pick up that stack of rocks and put them over there, and the labors do as their told. Massive Difference.

I understand that blacks want some credit, that they want some nobility, I get it, but the one thing that they don’t get is that it has to be earned and not demanded like a child.  You can’t sit in the big chair by stealing it or demanding it, you have to earn it, and as much as you think blacks have, they have not earned it, otherwise they’d be in the big chair already.

You automatically get the respect and power (the big chair) when you earn it, it’s automatically bestowed upon you, you don’t have to wait for someone to give it to you.

So what is the state of race relations in the US, not good. I used to support blacks and their right to just about everything, but I simply cannot stand with blacks now. They’ve proven time and time again they are not worthy of the respect they now demand.

Am I a racist? According to them maybe yes. But keep in mind, I don’t ‘hate anyone because of the color of their skin, I simply judge people by their actions, like anyone else, or as Martin Luther King said, by the content of their character, and blacks’ character is absolutely horrible. Not all blacks of course, I know many myself who are upstanding people, who know their stuff at work and contribute to society.

But those blacks are usually hated by their own people. They’re called an uncle tom, a trader to their race, a self hating black person. Which begs the question: Why do black people idealize their worst performing black people in their culture, their biggest failures they make heroes? I don’t understand it. They make heroes out of their failures and condemn the most successful black people in their culture.

And that is a fundamental difference between white people and black people. White people are the exact opposite.

We make heroes of our most successful people, we idealize them, we put them on pedestal. And we are embarrassed of our failures. We try to not even talk about them. We push them to the fringes of society. But blacks celebrate them. That alone is amazing for me.

This has been a long article, so let me sum up. Again, what is the status of race relations?

Most liberals are already on their knees kissing the feet of black people (literally). Conservatives are angry that black people have been allowed to destroy our cities, vandalize our neighborhoods, loot our stores, kill our cops, beat our people in the streets and get away with it all.

This is not going to help race relations. And once liberals see that no matter what they do for black people, not matter how much they help or agree with black people, it won’t be enough, they’ll turn on blacks too. It’s just a matter of time.

So blacks have created a whole new group of racists, well, people who are judging the actions and character of black people anyway, which is not racists, or is it?  I’m not sure anymore.

Nonetheless, I hope you’re happy.

Learn to pronounce /ˈrāsəst/
plural noun: racists

a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
“the comments have led to her being called a racist”

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